Becoming an Electrician

Becoming an Electrician

With the state of the world and global economy, along with local factors here in the Denver and Boulder area, career choices are becoming vital. You want to do something that makes you a living and affords you and your family the ability to travel, own a home and raise kids. Denver and Boulder are expanding at rapid rates. Construction is at an all time high. Commercial projects are taking off in every corner of this beautiful state in God’s country. Residentially, there are numerous new builds along with upgrades to kitchen’s baths, garages. It is not uncommon to add an extra bedroom or bathroom as well. All of this requires stable and reliable energy. Here at Boulder Electrical, along with a number of our competitors and colleagues, are understaffed and undermanned. The demand is simply too high. Electrical work and necessity is something that should continue to exist hundreds of years into the future. It is a fool proof career with exciting destinations and projects and challenges. It could be something to keep in mind now and into the future. Becoming an electrician here in Denver or Boulder.

I am seriously considering this, now what?

You’re going to need to learn the basics and build from the ground up. As with anything in life whether it be a job such as engineering, plumbing or roofing, or with self improvement, you want too have a solid foundation from which to build and expand. Just as you build your dream home, you need to understand key terms to build a dream career. Electrical theory is necessary to make sense of the Electrical code and regulations, specifically those locally adhered to. Basic electrical concepts include voltage, amperage resistance, Ohm’s law, wattage, circuit theory. Understanding the history of electricity and electrical current. How a current moves and lives and operates. Why is a ground so important? You’ll have to be able to successfully pass examinations surrounding National Electrical Code.

Three Primary Forces

While you dig deep into the above concepts, we’d like to briefly y outline the three primary forces of electricity. Voltage, current flow and resistance. These fundamental forces control every single electrical circuit old and new, big and small. Pushing current through electrical circuit, measured in volts, all the way down to one ample of current and a resistance of one ohm. With a plumbing background, you might understand that voltage is very similar to the pressure of water coming out of a faucet. The higher the pressure, the faster the flow. Electrons are flowing and powering the world. this is just the tip of the iceberg. Along this journey, you will learn many new concepts and vocabulary words you never could have imagined. Piece them all together and you are headed in the right direction, just like an electrical flow.


As with anything in the world, learning a new skill, improving yourself, or building a relationship, it doesn’t happen overnight. Time spent, day after day, hour after our, cramming in new and important information. Dealing with electricity is a dangerous job. It is a matter of life and death both for yourself, your operational team, and the customer, whether that’s residential or commercial. Above all else, you want to live to go home and spend another day with your family. That’s the whole reason you started finding the perfect career in the first place isn’t it? Learn more about the intricacies involved in our process. Reach out today and one of our technicians will educate you and guide you in the right direction.